Award-winning, senior-level professional possessing expertise in digital marketing, business development, project management, and strategic planning secured through progressive roles. Examining diverse industries not limited to Business Services, Commercial & Residential Construction, Consumer Services, Environmental Services & Recycling, Venture Capital & Private Equity, Manufacturing, Software, Telecommunications, and Transportation. Positioned for roles of escalated scope and title by optimizing comprehensive market planning (performance & demand generation, brand/channel/category/customer analysis), resources (internal/external), innovative technology, C-Level communication, financial oversight, and the ability to lead business units driving continuous improvement, growth (category, product) and profitability.
• Directing marketing projects to promote brands and products across multichannel customers and partners, continuously focused on the delivery of performance measures, reporting, and business reviews.
• Guiding cross-functional teams focused on brand management, target and demand marketing, profit growth acceleration streamlining costs & spend, and empowering internal resources for efficiency and productivity.
• Utilizing technology (website CMS, Digital Asset Management, analytics, etc.) to influence market growth and expansion, equipping end-users and customers with improved search and filtering capabilities.
• Positioned as a transformational leader through the optimization of skills in change management, oversight of large internal staff and external consultants, and building teams and departments.
Digital Marketing Transformation | Brand Portfolio Management | Channel & Category Marketing Team | CRM | C-Level Relationship Management | Data Driven Insights & Analytics | Business Process Optimization | B2C | B2B| Written & Verbal Communications | Demand Marketing | Business Intelligence (BI) | Account-Based Marketing | Website Design & Launch | Social Media Marketing | Cross-Functional Team Leader | Budget / P&L Oversight | Territory & Pipeline Management | Market Research | Agile Methodology | Lead Generation Campaigns | SEO | Operating Unit Leadership | Business Process Optimization | Strategic Planning & Execution | Problem-Solving | Continuous Improvement | Standard Work | Learning Management Systems | Change Management | Technology
Provides leadership and support to the bank by developing, implementing, and maintaining a customer-centric marketing approach and delivering exquisite customer experiences. Manages the Marketing team. Implements appropriate approaches and processes to drive the bank’s competitive strategy, ensuring marketing, advertising, and promotional activities are in compliance with federal and state regulations. Develop tactics to reach and grow the bank’s target markets. Works with each business line to plan, budget, and prioritize the most impactful initiatives to further the bank’s strategic goals.
Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), Division of Carlisle Companies - Carlisle, PA (July 2006 - May 2023)
Marketing Communication Director (Feb 2019 - May 2023)
Centralizes marketing communications for the division’s 18 brands, directing a team of 30+ salaried personnel and 15 consultants, maintaining firm’s technology stack and negotiating vendor, supplier, and service contracts. Piloting ten teams leading brand management, digital marketing, website development, meetings and events, graphic design, multimedia, product labeling, graphic design, and print shop and fulfillment functions.  Supported enterprise acquisition of $550M manufacturing business (four segments), reviewing marketing financials; developed a proposal that supported a 15% increase in stock value (netting $4M in cost savings).
Creative Services Manager, Carlisle Construction Materials (Oct 2009 - Feb 2019)
Oversaw team (20+ individuals) adding specialization and leadership to various operations including, trade shows, field communications, events, e-learning, printing, digital media, social media, video production, and incentive programs for seven different business segments. Monitored department's annual budget, establishing, and meeting departmental goals. Directed advertising and trade show plans and annual sales meetings, organized, and documented biannual performance discussions, and & delivered $15M in warranty claims savings with a new incentive program.  Recognized for outstanding leadership, chosen to represent CCM at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, piloting a plant safety improvement team through a 12-week cross-functional project.
Brand Manager, Carlisle Syn Tec (CCM Premier Brand; July 2006 - Oct 2009)
Determined overall marketing communications and managed marketing budget of $1M including trade shows, trade advertising, events, and all collateral for CCM's flagship brand Carlisle Syn Tec.
Tri-County Valley Regional Vocation High School | Teacher / Educator
Developed lesson plans & curriculum, instructed high school students on graphic design practices and software programs, mentoring students in conceptualization and execution of final projects.
Brand Identity Group | Art Director, CFO, and Partner
Managed and worked with the graphic design team, reviewing, and overseeing all designs before client presentations, in addition to business development and fiscal responsibilities (accounts payables, accounts receivables, and account reconciliation).
Tru-Fit Sports Medicine | Graphic Designer
Provided an engineering review process to test and approve all products before launch; worked with field sales group to redesign & test new product lines, strengthening key account retention.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Leadership Program Selection: Chosen by CEO as a participant in Carlisle’s Action Leadership program, in conjunction with Indiana University, 3-weeks of classroom training & the development of a cross-functional project. The team generated a safety program (comprehensive, all practices & policies) and was selected to present to the executive team & implemented across ~70 facilities.
Role/Responsibilities Escalation: Formulated marketing synergies plan for a $1.5B acquisition after assuming a business unit leadership role, expanding the original six teams by three, adding product labeling, digital marketing, web, CRM, and sales & Marketing software platforms (reduction in overall marketing spend by approximately $4M).
Remote Workspace Efficiency: At the beginning of the pandemic, immediately converted dozens of associates responsible for multiple functions to remote environment. Transition was not seamless, I so created daily “stand-ups” for each team meeting. Increased logged production hours to 3,301 tasks (18% increase in total productivity).
BFA in Graphic Design and Web Design
Miami International University of Art and Design | Miami, FL
MBA in Organizational Management 
Eastern University | St. Davids, PA
Completion is expected in July 2024. 40% complete with 3.75 GPA

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